Pineapples are harvested during long journeys at the cut season in order to take them to the “palenque”.



As soon as the floor oven has been prepared, pineapples that are going to be cooked are placed around it. Once thrown into the fire, they are covered completely in order to achieve their cooking. This process lasts from four to five days.



After cooking, the pineapples are finely crushed by a huge gyratory stone pulled by a horse.



The process of fermentation takes place in an enormous wood vat which produces the bagasse (the tepache) which is one of the flavors that distinguishes El Mero Mero. This process can last between three to five days, depending on the season of the year.



El Mero Mero is double distilled in a copper still. At the first distillation, the tepache (the bagasse), is distilled after fermentation; at the second one, only the liquid is distilled. This renders El Mero Mero a nice liquor to the palate, without losing its notes of flavor.

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