The Mero Mero mezcal, has three types of agave:


It is a very small wild type of maguey found in the mountains so in order to produce mezcal a lot of magueyes are needed. The plant takes more than 12 years to mature.


It is the most common kind of maguey, it is a wild plant and it can also be grown reaching maturity at 6 or 8 years. It's flavor is slightly smoky.


The Tepextate maguey plant is a slow

growing species. It grows patiently on sunny slopes, reaching maturity only after more than 25 years; therefore its production is very limited. It is characterized to contain the most delicate and complex flavors and aromas of the field. This is certainly a mezcal for discerning palates.

The three varieties of El Mero Mero Mezcal are presented in 750ml, 250ml and 50ml bottles.


El Mero Mero Mezcal is the first liquor made from agave that was born with a tasting note issued by a professional sommelier, Eduardo Lópeztecillos.

“Clean and brilliant. Pearls that confirm its alcoholic degree. In nose: cooked Maguey smoked with herbal notes. Strong resin shades, dampness and clay. Open attack in mouth, congruent with its aromas with a very long ending. Rubbing it in hand it dispels in resin and agave. It combines with moles, adobos, spicy seafood, pibil or havanero." Eduardo Lópeztecillos Sommelier